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Uplink requirements for AO-40


I have seen lots of traffic on the AMSAT-BB archives about the receive side of
operating AO-40, but relatively little about the uplink requirements.

Can people let me know what the required EIRPc is to have a moderate signal via
AO-40. I am particularly interested in the 1269 MHz uplink, but I think my first steps
will be with the 435 MHz uplink.

I am a veteran of AO-13 mode L and S, but I sold my equipment many years ago :-(

I plan to use a 60cms prime focus dish for the downlink with a small helical feed and
a G3WDG converter. The dish is currently in use on 6cms and 3cms but those bands
are now hibernating for the winter.

In the past I used small helicals as feeds on mode L and mode S on AO-13 with a 1.4m
dish and had good success, the two feeds were mounted co-axially but in those days
we didn't need to worry about cross coupling since only one was in use at a time.


Jonathan  HB9DRD/G4KLX
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