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Re: Ethernet

I had a similar problem with my home LAN when I first installed Windows XP 
on my laptop, but was running ME on the other two computers.
My system is connected to a 4 port Linksys DSL/Router Hub, which allow 
simultaneous connection to my ADSL line on the Internet.  When configuring 
the Networking setup of XP, you are offered an option of making a floppy 
disk for setup of other computers on the LAN.
Create a floppy disk with the XP driver setup, then run the NIC card driver 
setup on your computer with Win2K.

For some reason, and I am only an amateur at this, all the computers on the 
LAN must be running the XP drivers to talk to each other.  You will also 
need to Share (Drives, Folders or Files) on each computer to have 
visibility from one computer to another.  Be sure to password protect them 
as they are also available to the outside world if your on a WAN.

Hope this answers your question, and if others know an easier way, please 
let me know too.

73, Bob   HL2/KK4UZ

At 07:47 PM 11/25/2001 +0100, Albrecht von Hessberg wrote:
>I have tried to connect my notebook with my workstation via Ethernet. In mz
>notebook is a build in ethernet adapter in my workstation I have put in a
>Micronet Ethernet adapter and have tried to configure the to computers. They
>have got the IP and I have tested with ping IP and
>I get a response. But there is no connection between the two computers. They
>have different names and the same workgoupnames. The notebook has Windows
>XP, the Workstation win2k as OS. What is wrong? I cannot find the second
>computer from the first.
>I hope anybody can help me!
>Thanks in advance!
>73's de DF 9 LC Albrecht.
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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