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RE: InstantTune Problem

Hello Malc,

> Interesting to see that someone else is having the same problem as me
> With my setup(FT 847) it will tune on AO10 AO27 & UO14 but not on FO29,29
> AO40

This is a different problem. I'm looking into Joel's problem which after
some experimentation I think _may_ be do do with the latest version (1.08)
of InstantTune and the FT-847. 1.07 is OK.

I believe that the reason for your FO20/29 problem is because your FT-847 is
the UK version which restricts RX & TX on the 2m band to 144.000 to 145.999.

This upsets InstantTune on FO-20/29 because the beacon on the downlink
corresponds to a frequency over 146MHz on the uplink which it can never set,
so unexpected results come back.

Two ways of resolving this:

(a) Set the FO-20/29 ITUNE.CFG settings to start in the middle of the
passband (435.850) so that you're on a valid TX frequency; or...

(b) Modify your FT-847 for extended RX/TX

The same thing applies to other European frequency restricted radios such as
the TS-2000, TS-790 etc etc.

I don't know about your AO-40 problem. Email me your itune.cfg and I'll have
a go.

73 Howard G6LVB

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