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RE: dish gain for AO-40

Paul said:

> If anyone is still having problems getting 98% plus CRCC OK copy of the
> beacon for the whole pass horizon to horizon (trees excepting), ... then
> one of these kits from James: <snip>

Whilst this is certainly true for the telemetry at 10dB above the QSO's (I
have one with a 0.6dB NF preamp at the feed point, and achieve this 98%
level of CRC OK), unless things are working with you, I can't say that the
level of SSB resolution is 'armchair' quality: indeed it's still quite a
struggle at times (unless of course the station you're talking to is running
a couple of kW EIRPc on the L band uplink).

73 Howard G6LVB

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