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Re: Problem w/ InstantTune & FT847

I also have the same problem but with a Icom IC-821.

I am using Windows ME so it the operating system?

> Ok, in an effort to make my satellite operation easier, I purchased and
> downloaded InstantTrack.  I am having problems with InstantTune however.
> am using an FT847 connected COM1 on a 486SL laptop.  On LPT1 on that same
> laptop, I have FODTrack attached.  FODTrack is working fine; however the
> FT847, even though "CAT" shows up on the display, it does not tune.  I
> done the following to troubleshoot:
>     1.  Insured 4800 baud CAT port and then hardcoded in itune.cfg.
>     2.  Re-pkunzipped everthing to use with default parameters (the author
> states that everything is defaulted to an         FT847).
>     3.  Insure use of null cable between radio and PC.
>     4.  Changed from VFO-mode to memory mode to satellite mode back to
> VFO-mode on radio with no change in         communication.  The radio does
> come out of satellite mode though when InstantTune tries to operate.
> Everything *appears* to be operating correctly except the tuning.  Here's
> what the InstantTrack Option Status states (from just after this morning's
> pass of AO27):
>     RotorDRV TSR status:  present
>         Hardware responding
>         Enabled
>         Antenna position:  179    -11
>     OrbitDRV TSR status:  present
>         Station elements:  K2SAT
>             Sat elements:  ao-27
>         Tracking enabled:  11/24/2001 14:12:30UTC Az:  179  El:  -11
>         Tuning enabled
>         Math is ok
>     RadioDRV TSR status:  present
> All of the tracking of satellites corresponds with NOVA which I have on my
> XP machine with no open ports.  I don't think I have a station or kep
> problem and I would think that the radio would tune even if that
> was incorrect (GIGO).
> Again, everything with InstantTune is the default with the exception of
> commenting out the dummy KCT driver in itstart.bat and adding the foddrv
> parameter to my autoexec.bat.  I also changed the start command from
> "it.exe" to "itncp.exe" thinking this might be the problem.
> I have gone through the archives, but I appear to be the only person
> problems with InstantTune since at least August of last year and I have
> and re-read the instructions that came with InstantTune, but it is obvious
> that I am missing something.
> Thanks for any help.
> 73,
> Joel, K2SAT

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