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Re: Ground Mounting Antennas

Works great from that height....I just have to live with some big blind 
spots from the trees.


More pictures if you browse around a bit...

That is merely a fence stake driven into the ground a couple of feet, some 
hose clamps...not much to it :)


Mark N8MH

At 12:39 PM 11/23/2001 -0600, David M. Tipton, PhD wrote:
>I'm getting an enormous amount of hassle from the city over my submitted
>tower proposal.  Seems that Rohn doesn't rate anything under 40 feet and the
>city won't allow anything over 35 Feet to the highest point.
>I was going to put a tripod on the roof with a peak mount under the center
>of the tripod for re-inforced strength, but then the city said that they
>would not allow me another "Antenna Support".
>This has led me to take a "Screw Em" approach.  I am going to cement a 2
>Inch Fence Post in the ground 10 feet outside my shack.  (Going to sink 2
>feet of a 6 foot post)  This is basically a temporary solution until I get
>around to suing the city for not "Accomodating" me.
>Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any reasons why this won't work?  I
>don't think I've ever seend anybody running their sat antennas at 4 feet
>before, but I can't come up with any reasons why it won't work.  Pointing
>the antennas straight up, I think we're going to be under 10 feet tall.
>I will probably not be able to work horizon to horizon, but basically,
>shouldn't have any problems from 10 degrees.
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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