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Problem w/ InstantTune & FT847

Ok, in an effort to make my satellite operation easier, I purchased and
downloaded InstantTrack.  I am having problems with InstantTune however.  I
am using an FT847 connected COM1 on a 486SL laptop.  On LPT1 on that same
laptop, I have FODTrack attached.  FODTrack is working fine; however the
FT847, even though "CAT" shows up on the display, it does not tune.  I have
done the following to troubleshoot:

    1.  Insured 4800 baud CAT port and then hardcoded in itune.cfg.
    2.  Re-pkunzipped everthing to use with default parameters (the author
states that everything is defaulted to an         FT847).
    3.  Insure use of null cable between radio and PC.
    4.  Changed from VFO-mode to memory mode to satellite mode back to
VFO-mode on radio with no change in         communication.  The radio does
come out of satellite mode though when InstantTune tries to operate.

Everything *appears* to be operating correctly except the tuning.  Here's
what the InstantTrack Option Status states (from just after this morning's
pass of AO27):

    RotorDRV TSR status:  present
        Hardware responding

        Antenna position:  179    -11

    OrbitDRV TSR status:  present
        Station elements:  K2SAT
            Sat elements:  ao-27
        Tracking enabled:  11/24/2001 14:12:30UTC Az:  179  El:  -11
        Tuning enabled
        Math is ok

    RadioDRV TSR status:  present

All of the tracking of satellites corresponds with NOVA which I have on my
XP machine with no open ports.  I don't think I have a station or kep
problem and I would think that the radio would tune even if that information
was incorrect (GIGO).

Again, everything with InstantTune is the default with the exception of
commenting out the dummy KCT driver in itstart.bat and adding the foddrv
parameter to my autoexec.bat.  I also changed the start command from
"it.exe" to "itncp.exe" thinking this might be the problem.

I have gone through the archives, but I appear to be the only person having
problems with InstantTune since at least August of last year and I have read
and re-read the instructions that came with InstantTune, but it is obvious
that I am missing something.

Thanks for any help.

Joel, K2SAT

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