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Ground Mounting Antennas

I'm getting an enormous amount of hassle from the city over my submitted
tower proposal.  Seems that Rohn doesn't rate anything under 40 feet and the
city won't allow anything over 35 Feet to the highest point.

I was going to put a tripod on the roof with a peak mount under the center
of the tripod for re-inforced strength, but then the city said that they
would not allow me another "Antenna Support".

This has led me to take a "Screw Em" approach.  I am going to cement a 2
Inch Fence Post in the ground 10 feet outside my shack.  (Going to sink 2
feet of a 6 foot post)  This is basically a temporary solution until I get
around to suing the city for not "Accomodating" me.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any reasons why this won't work?  I
don't think I've ever seend anybody running their sat antennas at 4 feet
before, but I can't come up with any reasons why it won't work.  Pointing
the antennas straight up, I think we're going to be under 10 feet tall.

I will probably not be able to work horizon to horizon, but basically,
shouldn't have any problems from 10 degrees.


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