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RE: Finding my Downlink on AO40

Hello Tony

w4tas wrote:

> A little help please!!
> I have several pages of published AO40 uplink and downlink frequencies.
> <snip>

Jim wrote:

> What I did was make up a spreadsheet that shows downlink in 10 KHz steps
> the first column, and coresponding uplink freq for various MAs.  It gets
> within a few KHz every time.  To create the spreadsheet, at various MAs I
> uplinked near the bottom of the passband (to stay out of other people's
> way) and found my receive.

For both portable and fixed station use, I took an idea from the Satellite
Handbook and made a dial which is printable from Windows Wordpad or Word
http://www.g6lvb.com/oldtech.htm which performs a similar task to Jim's
spreadsheet. There's a couple of ways of using it.


(a) If you know the MA, you can calculate to within a few KHz both uplink
and downlink.

or (b) Slightly less accurately, if you have found the beacon, you can
calculate the uplink and downlink frequencies.

This also has a compensation device for your downconverter being off

73 Howard G6LVB

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