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[Fwd: Accuracy of long-term orbital projections for A0-40]

I think I sent this message originally in HTML, a mortal sin on the
maillist. Here it goes again:

Bruce Nolte N3LSY wrote:

> I am thinking of doing a live demonstration of AO-40 at a meeting of the
> Hanover Area Hamming Association sometime in the near future.
> Regrettably, it looks like the pass on our meeting day of December 13
> will set at about 6 PM local time, but our meeting normally starts at
> 7:30 PM. If I want to do a live demonstration at one of our meetings,
> then I will have to find a time when our meeting time and date coincide
> with a good pass of the bird. This will probably be a couple of months
> out, so I was wondering how a long-term projection of satellite passes
> should hold up with the current set of elements.
> For the purposes of the meeting, I don't really need to know where the
> bird will be precisely at meeting time, just if it is going to be
> visible and in a usable part of its orbit. I have both Instantrak and
> Nova, and can make projections using these programs.
> Thanks,
> Bruce N3LSY

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