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Re: Finding my Downlink on AO40

w4tas wrote:

> A little help please!!
> I have several pages of published AO40 uplink and downlink frequencies.
> <snip>

What I did was make up a spreadsheet that shows downlink in 10 KHz steps in
the first column, and coresponding uplink freq for various MAs.  It gets me
within a few KHz every time.  To create the spreadsheet, at various MAs I
uplinked near the bottom of the passband (to stay out of other people's
way) and found my receive.  I plugged that freq into the spreadsheet.  I
then subtracted 10 KHz on the uplink for each 10 KHz change up in
downlink.  I then repeated that at various MAs.  When I hear someone I want
to talk to, I look at a printout of the spreadsheet and can quickly figure
out the correct uplink freq.  This takes into account any freq errors in my
uplink radio or downconverter.  Here is the first few lines of the
spreadsheet which should be enough to give you the idea what I did.  If
anyone wants it, I will E-Mail the spreadsheet.  There is nothing fancy in
it so if you are at all familiar with Excel, you should have no trouble
modifying it to fit your equipment.  This will read better in a fixed width
font (such as courier).

                 ------ Approximate uplink frequency -----------
Downlink    IF    MA-40   MA-80  MA-100  MA-130  MA-190  MA-215
2401.210 123.210 435.768 435.774 435.775 435.784 435.786 435.792
2401.220 123.220 435.758 435.764 435.765 435.774 435.776 435.782
2401.230 123.230 435.748 435.754 435.755 435.764 435.766 435.772
2401.240 123.240 435.738 435.744 435.745 435.754 435.756 435.762
2401.250 123.250 435.728 435.734 435.735 435.744 435.746 435.752

Jim Walls - K6CCC
626-302-8515    FAX  626-302-7501
AMSAT member 32537 / WSWSS member 395

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