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> I am VU2POP "POP" from India and  I am glad to have joined  
> your forum and I
> have been learning a lot thro' your discussions.
> Got my call about 26 years ago and still active, homebrewing 
> is in my blood

Welcome aboard! :)  Good to see people from all over the world in here.

> I have been active on the satellite mode just for the last 2 
> years mainly on
> the UO-14, SO-35 and AO-27. Though  these days only the UO-14 
> seems to be
> active over VU.

UO-14 is the main FM bird.  SO-35 dies in January this year. :(

> We have been experiencing severe QRM from the long range 
> cordless as the
> uplink happens to be Vhf and these illegal & spurious long 
> range equipments
> ( Chinese Make ) have infested our VHF bands.

We have this problem on UO-14 as it passes to the north of Australia.  Seems
those cordless phones are popular in SE Asia.

> These days I do not hear staions from 9V1, 9M2, 9K, U etc. 
> maybe they must
> have got fed up with the cordless QRM and moved on to newer 
> satellites Hi !

Quite possibly.  The QRM on UO-14 is incredible, once the bird gets too far
north of us here.  I'm in Melbourne, which fortunately is on the opposite
side of the continent to the major sources of QRM.  Like you, I'm yet to get
onto sats such as AO-40.  Got too many projects on the go... :)

> We have formed a sat group called  AMSAT INDIA and the web 
> page will be
> launched soon.
> Also preparations are on to launch a LEO followed by a GEO 
> satellite some
> time next year with all the assistance of the Indian Space Research
> Organisation ofcourse the hams would be building the hardware etc.
> Soon many of us hope to get onto newer satellites and modes 
> from here, its
> just catching.

Good luck with the satellite endeavours, and look forward to seeing a few
Indian satellites up there, and hopefully working them one day.

73 de Tony, VK3JED.
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