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Use of Duplexers and Downconverters

For years I used a single piece of hardline with a Comet CF-416 type 
duplexer at either end of the hardline to connect my Yeasu 736-R to my 2M 
and 70cm antennas.  This system was flawless and allowed me to work AO-13 
in both Mode B and J for years with only one feed line and zero 
intermod.  The Comet CF-416 Duplexer offers < .1db loss at 144Mhz, yet 
provided >60db isolation between the 2M and the 70cm band.  Today, I would 
like to connect my Mode U/S setup using the same setup.  Naturally, 
inhibiting any 2 M RF is a must, but my concern is about the minute amount 
of 70cm RF they could be present on the feedline that might pass thru the 
duplexor into the down converter.  Based on a maximum of 100 watts applied 
to the feed line, 60db isolation represents a power loss of 10 -6, which I 
believe should equates to about 10 microwatts maximum.

Would this minute amount of RF be enough to damage a 2.4 GHz 
downconverter?  Has any one else tried the same setup?

73, Bob

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