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Re: What's left for HAM radio?

Hello Bob.

Wow this brings back old memories.

My scoutmaster encourage all of us (we all lived within about 10 miles of 
each other) to do what you are doing on 11 meters.  Remember the CB craze of 
the 70's?

Skip was (and is) pretty cool.  He encouraged all of us to do exactly what 
you are doing and we had the 11 meter net on channel 23 every Friday right 
before we met on Saturday.  We had the QSL cards all the works.

Of course one thing lead to another.  First off I couldnt hear everyone in 
my room even with the 11 meter whip on the RSHACK 5 watt walkie talkie fully 
extended.  So the next thing was to learn how to put up an outside antenna.  
Didnt have the money for the Shack antenna so I built one.  WOW I was (with 
Skip) the NCS because I could "hear" everyone.

Next I needed a power supply to replace the AA batteries.  Some "skip" came 
in and that got me interested in the ionosphere which lead to ham radio.  At 
our last "reunion" about 3/4 of the troop are hams and all active.  We 
helped Skipper put up his new TH7DX.

Your on exactly the right path.  BRAVO ZULU.

Well I still have the Rshack 5 watt walkie talkie.  KEY 1972 was my CB call.

Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX

>From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu>
>To: TAPR APRS Special Interest Group <aprssig@tapr.org>, 
>Subject: [amsat-bb] What's left for HAM radio?
>Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 14:46:06 -0500 (EST)
>Sorry for the subject line, but was just at Best Buy and ALL of the FRS
>radio MFRS are now selling 5W (5 Mile) FRS/gmrs* radios.  Notice the
>"gmrs" in small print and the asterix which you have to search on all six
>sides of the box to see in very tiny print (license required).
>These are going for $99 a pair with all channels and CTCSS and 5 Watts.
>And remember  that there are GMRS repeaters in most places..  THus, WHO
>NEEDS HAM RADIO  when you can buy an HT with repeater coverage at office
>depot or best buy?
>My personal response to this commercialization of WIRELESS began a few
>months ago when I began taking a USGS topographical map to my kids SCOUTS
>and SCHOOL Club meetings and getting the kids to put pins in the map to
>identify their QTH.  Soon it was clear that many if not most were
>clustered well within a mile of each other.  MOST already had "walkie
>talkies" (FRS).
>My objective here is to set up a "NET" time when they can call and find
>others in their group on the air.  By educating them FIRST before we begin
>these nets, each kid will be assigned a "callsign".  FOr my kids scout
>troop it will be "995-AJ" or on initial call up, "This is Troop-995-AJ".
>A combination of the troop number and the kids initials.  For his school
>radio club we are forming (Severn School) it will be "Severn-AJ"
>We will practice calling and net operation in the clubs and at the
>meetings before we do any ON-AIR operation.  THus when NET time comes, we
>will have an orderly group of kids that can use the radio properly.
>IF YOU DONT TRAIN THEM FIRST, you will have bedlam!  Kids want to make
>noises and just yell into the radio.  We must educate them first.  Radios
>can be valuable if people konw how to us them.  As HAM radio operators we
>must rise to this challenge or soon even FRS will be useless...
>I stongly feel that getting them to use CALLSIGNS is the first BIG step:
>TO give their FRS callsigns some significance and permanence and to
>encourage them to use them, One of their first club projects is to
>use a computer to print a QSL looking like card with their "callsign" on
>it.  When they begin to identify with that call, then I am certain we will
>see them use them and be proud of them.
>Then hook-line-and-sinker we reel them in to our local KIDS amateur radio
>club... to upgrade... and get a real callsign...
>P.S.  By organizing a radio sub-group in each group that my kids are
>involved with and other  neighboring troops (all of which overlap back
>into the same geographical  area) soon we will have enough kids in the
>area and on the air to achieve critical mass of being able to raise a
>QSO without the organized NET.  THIS is our farming grounds for future
>HAM radio operators...
>Many in HAM radio do not agree with this approach.  But we have to do
>de WB4APR, Bob
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