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RE: Build Microsats, Get Paid

Tim Wrote:

> Subject: [amsat-bb] Build Microsats, Get Paid
> For a good time, read the Navy 2002 Small Business Innovative Research
> (SBIR) solicitation, particularly:
> 	N02-062 Ocean Data Telemetry Microsat Link
> 	"Objective: To perform the system design and development
> 	of a low-cost space borne constellation of microsatellites
> 	to transmit commands and information and recover the
> 	stored oceanic and atmospheric data."
> also
> 	"There are significant low-cost opportunities to launch
> 	microsats into low earth orbit using excess capacity on
> 	Arianne and soon with the upcoming U.S. Evolved Expendable
> 	Launch Vehicle (EELV) rockets."
> It would be nice if someone in the AMSAT community could take advantage
> of this opportunity.  Alternatively, in would be pretty neat if AMSAT
> could respond.  (Unfortunately, the focus appears to be on electronic
> and mechanical design, so I am not in much of a position to respond.)

Tim -- thanks for the SBIR postings. Unfortunately, AMSAT is not a SMALL
BUSINESS by the definitions in the documents that accompany the SBIR
solicitations. The web sites have a lot of pages that define those eligible
and the process for applying in excruciating detail.

However, there are some legitimate small businesses that AMSAT's "tekkies"
have formed that are entities capable of responding. And I KNOW for a fact
that at least one of these "AMSAT Friendly" firms is quite aware of the DoD
SBIR solicitations you've posted in the past couple of days. In addition to
DoD, many other federal agencies (including NASA, DoE, NOAA, FAA etc) have
similar programs and the same business entrepreneurs in AMSAT keep up with
the solicitations.

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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