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Re: Optical Tracking of PCsat's LEDs?

Louis A. Mamakos asked about the next and final LED test for the year:

> What time on Monday do you expect that the LEDs will be turned on?  I went to
> the heavens-above.com web and ....

I BLEW IT!  It is 1929 EST on the 25th and 0029z on the 26th.  Thus,
Sunday evening... sorry...  PCsat will be visible by solar reflection as
it comes over the Gulf of MExico and when it passes over Atlanta, it will
enter eclipse.  At that instant we will turn on the Red LEDs for a few
minutes.  Then it goes up the east coast and exits over Montreal.

By being in full sun at the start of the pass we gain two things:

 1) People can find it and track it visually first before the LEDS

 2) We can be assured that the voltage -fail-safe circuit which requires
 fully charged batteries in order for the LEDS to be turned on will give
 us the longest possible LED ON time.

You wont see any of this without OPTICS.  Remember the light from PCsat in
the sun will probably be less than .0001 of what you see from ISS and less
from the LEDS...

This is only a test...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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