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Re: OE Filtering

On Tuesday 20 November 2001 14:00, many spoke the woes of microsquash
> I also use OE and like its filtering capabilities.  I have my filters set
> up the same as Lee.
> I have also used Eudora 5.1.  They are comparable and it is what you are
> used to using.  I have *tried* Netscape's e-mail client and never could get
> it to work the way I wanted.
> I choose to stick with OE because I am familiar with it.

ok , list cop to the rescue !
Can someone tell me the relevance of this thread to satellites ?

just curious 

of the 4 lists I subscribe to I consistently get more spam from amsat-bb than 
any others , but I still subscribe to it , because I want timely satellite 
info , not how to setup "lookout excess" or any other software that only 
vaguely has anything to do with the lists topic :^P

Thanks for taking it off list :^}

Douglas Cole
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