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Re: Win XP and KCT / Instantrack

Hi Bert,

I installed Instant Track ver. 1.50 on a Windows XP computer.  The map
screen (selection 2) did not function properly.  The map and the text below
did not update; they were frozen.  The various letter commands ,P, Z, & Q
did  not work.  Had to use Ctl-Alt-Delete to quit the program. Selection 1
(Text screen) worked okay.

Paul Williamson KB5MU suggested I try  1. ALT-Enter.  However, this threw me
out of the program.
and 2.  Ctl-Enter. Nothing happened.  I could not quit unless I used

Paul then responded with another suggestion that I have lost.  However, the
program started running correctly upon another try. I  do not know why!


Barry Hawkes N1BAN

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> Will try this again. Even though I checked Plain Text in Outlook Express
> 6. It still sent it Mime. Have made the changes to text as recommended.
> First off if this has been discussed before, I am sorry.  I just
> after being off for a year or so.  I have a few questions about using Win
> XP. I am fortunate enough to have another computer with Win 98 SE that I
> use for sat work.
> I installed Win XP and overall it works fine except for Wisp,
> And Kansas City Tracker. Here is what I find that does not work.  ( I did
> find 3 other programs that will not work.  I was able to update drivers on
> one and am waiting for xp updates on another.)
> Instantrack (My longtime favorite, now ver 1.5)
> All screens, except the map screen, are full size on the width, but 1/2
> vertical. I can live with this as I mostly use the map screen. It will not
> run the Yaesu G-5400 rotor.  It reads 0 or stalled on both hor. and vert.
> Wisp
> Program seems to work, but will not work the rotor.
> KCT / T
> I believe this is the culpert. I think it is Dos and have had it for about
> 10 years. I also tried a old KCT card that I used before I bought the KCT
> T.
> I guess what I am inquiring about is, are there others having the same
> problems with Win XP/ Is there anything in the works to correct this? I
> would really like to use the computer with XP, but can get along with the
> other computer and the smaller screen.    Thanks in Advance.
> Bert    N7TKO    Gold Bar, WA
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