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Re: Invitation to operate AO-40

OUCH! But, of course, you're right in regards to most of us. We can't all
have unlimited free time and still support those dear to us. I suspect, upon
reflection, it wouldn't be much fun if we WERE all on at the same time. That
would be kind of like the local repeater now, wouldn't it??

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> > Hello all,
> > yesterday AO-40 linked whole USA (without Alaska and Hawaii) to Europe
> > and I have been on the sat from 21 to 22 UTC, when MA was around 190
> > and the squint was still 15°. But I really wonder where all the other
> people
> > have been. There must be hundreds able to work on AO-40? Why do
> > they not come to the sat? Are they all working at that time?
> I can only speak for myself, but I can assume that many U.S. amateurs
> are like me, as I am not that unique.
> I have a job.  It is a good job, and it pays well.  If it were not for the
> job, I wouldn't be on satellite at all.
> I have a family.  While the kids are older, (15 and 20), they do demand
> some of my time.  My wife is probably the least demanding factor on my
> time, bless her heart.
> I have a dog.  We hope to compete in Obedience Trials in the spring.  To
> get to that point, we must train together every day.
> Up until yesterday, we have had a daily temp of 30 deg C or better daily.
> It is too nice to hide in the house.
> Also, ham radio is not my only hobby.
> I am a competitive rifle shooter.  At the moment, I train off-hand
> dry-firing
> for 30 minutes a day.
> I am a competitive pistol shooter.  It also takes some practice.  AND
> LAST...
> I have friends.  Many of them are combat veterans, as I am.  Only some of
> them are not as lucky as I was.  Helping them also takes time.  The odd
> ham's
> widow needing help, outages at work, broken car, Oh... did I mention I am
> restoring a 1976 postal jeep?
> Where does ham radio fit into all of this?  Dunno.  Some days it does, and
> some days it doesn't.  But I promise I will try to get on over the 4 day
> weekend starting on Thursday.  That's the best I can do.  Sorry.  Maybe
> some day when I am too old to shoot, drive, train, and 30 deg C seems
> cold to me, then I will be on every day.  I am not unique.
> Mike.
> Vy73,  Mike.   KD9KC    MARS: AAV6EV
> My E-mail address: mailto:kd9kc@elp.rr.com
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> Freedom is expensive.  Those who are not willing to
> pay the price ultimately lose everything.
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