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Re: PCSAT correction...

Just in case someone else missinterpreted my email, I will provide the
correct interpretation below.

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, someone asked about the PCsat LED experiment:

> > > wonder if it ever got commanded on???

To which I responded in part as quoted by the next individual:

> > Yep, commanded on at 2135 EST as advertised...

To which someone else responded privately:

> You know Bob, sometimes you're just an arrogant ass. You could have just
> answered [the] question  about whether or not it was on with a simple
> yes or no...

So here is the text of how I had answered the question in full:

> Yep, commanded on at 2135 EST as advertised, but attempts starting at
> 2141 to turn them off failed due to a connection time out...  Doing this
> from the hood of my car in the middle of nowhere in below freezing
> weather, and watching the sky with the other hand, we got caught be the
> 3 minute connection time-out timer...

My use of the phrase "as advertised" was never intended to be a jab at the
questioner, but a referece to the fact that it was a near miracle that it
got turned on right when it was supposed to be.  The evolution was a
typical Field Day commedy of errors as everything went wrong in the dark,
but we pulled it out just in time.  So my use of the term "as advertised"
was not intended to be a jab, but an indication of how lucky we were to
get it on even close to the published time...

Sorry if I appeard to be  crass... One cannot be too careful about the
written word on this emailer...

de WB4APR, Bob

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