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Invitation to operate AO-40

Hello all,
yesterday AO-40 linked whole USA (without Alaska and Hawaii) to Europe
and I have been on the sat from 21 to 22 UTC, when MA was around 190
and the squint was still 15°. I only used 15 watts uplink pwr to receive a
loud signal back. With 20 watts already LEILA hit me. The V-RX AGC was
well below 5 dB because no activity on the passband. I just worked Tom
from Tennessy for the 5th time and heard K4IZN when he called and
worked PA0KT. But I really wonder where all the other people have
been. There must be hundreds able to work on AO-40? Why do they not come
to the sat? Are they all working at that time? When I listen to the HF
bands I find many US stations being active. Many of them are retired.
Are there no retired people working AO-40?
I'm afraid that also the European stations loose interest working
AO-40 when they do not find partners from the US if conditions allow.
Then we would have an empty and unused satellite in the sky.
AO-10 was available at the same time, connecting US eastcoast with
Europe. There was much more activity.


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