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translated msg de I8CVS

Here is a translation of an interesting message (originally in Spanish) 
provided by Frieda, N2JWL (ffeller@erols.com).

73, art.....


Hello Alberto, LU2FGN

First you have to convert the temperature equivalent of noise T in factor 
of noise F utilizing the following relation:

F= (T / 290 ) + 1

Second you have to convert the factor of noise F in "noise figure" NF (db ) 
utilizing the following relation:

NF = 10 log F  (dB)

To calculate NF with reference to this data:

Temperature equivalent of noise T = 12 kelvin

F = (12 / 290) + 1 = 1,041

NF = 10 log  1,041 = 0,18 dB

I hope to contact you very soon on AO40

At the moment the only active Argentine station on AO40 L/S is Daniel, LU2DDU

73 from i8CVS Domingo

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Subject: R: [amsat-bb] Temperature versus noise figure
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Hola Alberto,LU2FGN

Primero usted tiene que convertir la temperatura equivalente de ruido  T en
factor de ruido F utilizando la seguente relation:

F= ( T / 290 ) + 1

Segundo tiene que convertir el factor de ruido F en
"noise figure" NF ( dB ) utilizando  la seguente relation:

NF = 10 log    F          (dB)

Calcular NF con riferimento a sus datos:

Temperatura equivalente de ruido  T= 12 kelvin

F= ( 12 / 290 ) + 1 = 1,041

NF = 10 log    1,041  =  0,18 dB

Espero de contactarte muy pronto en AO40

Al momento la unica estation argentina activa en AO40 L/S es Daniel, LU2DDU

73 de i8CVS Domingo

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