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Name of Device / Tool

Message text written by "Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield"
When I had some screws that were seized up several people mentioned a tool
to me that you strike with a hammer to break them loose (interestingly, a
couple people told me not to use one).  I need the name of this tool.  I
blank stares at the hardware and automotive stores.<

It used to be called an "impact driver". It had a ramp inside that, when
you wacked it with a hammer, both drove it into the head and gave it a
sharp turn.  Became popular 35 or so years ago when Japanese motorcycles
were beginning to be imported. These bikes had absolutely bulletproof
engines, but they were held together with long Phillips head screws that
had notoriously soft heads. The impact driver was the ONLY way to get the
screws out. Unless you liked to cut the heads completely off.  I did a lot
of that. Soon learned to replace them immediately with after market socket
head screws. But the tool is still around (I still have one). Try a
motorcycle shop, especially one that specializes in older Japanese iron. Or
McMaster Carr supply. And I still like the howl of a big 2-stroke at
redline. And the smell of Castrol R.


Ed K9EK (in his other life... still an active machinery, car and motorcycle
nut after many years)
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