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AO40 Transmit troubles

   Thanks to all who replied on "finding myself".  I finally have made
   it "to" and "back" from AO40 (at least on cw so far).  Combination
   of transmit polarity (I SWEAR I had the switch in RHCP the first time,
   there is NO WAY i could have overlooked that....... 8-)   )
   and possibly being outside of the transponder passband (due to doppler).
   I tried the "find the beacon" and move xmit and receive equal but opposite
   amounts and found my signal within seconds!  (Got spoiled using the
   736 with auto tracking, now using 2 radios and have to tune them 
   separate!!)  Very surprised that 10 watts on 435mhz returned WAY too
   loud of a signal even with the bird at 57,0000+km!!!  About 2 watts 
   did wonderful for CW (I have pretty high gain beams on 435 and a very
   low loss figure). Thanks again!!
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