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Re: Sunday Morning Spectacular

"Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield" <gary_mayfield@hotmail.com> wrote:

>I thought Comet Kohoutek was the experience of a
>lifetime! Sorry, Dr. Tom I couldn't help poking a
>little fun. I have yet to see an astronomical event
>that came close to its billing.  I can't get any
>friends or family members out any more, I've cried
>wolf too often.

A shame; this one was pretty good.

Despite the infuriating weather - crystal clear all
day, clouds and fog at night - I neverthess saw a whole
bunch of meteors near Ursa Major around 0800 UTC (0000
local) before the clouds made further observations

A bunch of us got together at a local dark sky site
(Boundary Bay) and peered through each others' telescopes
and binoculars while we waited for meteors. M81/M82
looked pretty good in a 10 inch Dobsonian, while my
little 4.5 inch Newtonian provided excellent views
of the Orion Nebula and other celestial goodies.

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