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Re: [aprssig] Re: PCsat long term planning

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Stephen M. King wrote:

> > 2) User access is only authrized via the uplink path "VIA APRSAT"
> >    So, if PCsat is usable via that path, then you can use it.  If its
> >    not usable, it will not digipeate via "APRSAT" and so no harm done...
> Very good -- very simple for users and hopefully will address the concern

Yes, but frustrating I am sure.  I personally hate satellites that
switch modes... but Now I see it is just something we have to live
with... to keep the power bueget under control...  Thanks for your

> This might be a stupid question, but what time in the morning is it no
> longer "Night"?  Simply put, what time in the morning, local time, is PCsat
> seeing enough light to "keep the lights on", as it were?

Of course the satelite at 500 miles up comes into sunlight before you do
on the ground But for you, twilight lasts over an hour.  For PCsat, it is
almost instant.  But since the batteries are way down at that
point, I have found that we need to give it at least 5 of those minutes to
charge up enough to handle a command session.  So the easy answer, if you
dont have sunrise, then best not to use PCsat for routine operations.

Emergency and Priority traffic of course always take precedence.

de WB4APR, Bob

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