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Re: Name of Device / Tool

>When I had some screws that were seized up several people mentioned a tool
>to me that you strike with a hammer to break them loose (interestingly, a
>couple people told me not to use one).  I need the name of this tool.  I got
>blank stares at the hardware and automotive stores.
>Thanks and 73,

I think it's called an 'impact wrench' -- not to be confused with the 
air powered tool of similar name.  It's a good tool for delivering a 
really high torque impulse to crack a frozen bolt or nut loose, but 
you have to keep two important things in mind: 1) the fit of the 
socket has to be very close, and the bolt or nut has to have 
relatively clean flats on it, and 2) the socket has to be an impact 
type -- the thin chrome plated ones will just shatter.  The right 
sockets are dull black and have very thick walls -- the ones that go 
with an air impact wrench will work.  I don't recommend using an 

If the bolt is too chewed up or rounded off to fit snugly in the 
socket of its exact size (no cheating with inch/metric sockets!), 
you're probably better off using a pair of pipe wrenches on the bolt 
head and nut -- they grip more tightly the harder you pull and do 
*not* slip.  This will probably ruin the bolt and nut, but you 
weren't planning on re-using old fasteners, right?  ;-)

take care and watch your knuckles ..

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