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Re: Name of Device / Tool

On Monday 19 November 2001 09:41, Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield wrote in 
"[amsat-bb] Name of Device / Tool":
> When I had some screws that were seized up several people mentioned a
> tool to me that you strike with a hammer to break them loose
> (interestingly, a couple people told me not to use one).  I need the
> name of this tool.  I got blank stares at the hardware and automotive
> stores.

It's called an "impact wrench"...big heavy cylindrical gadget made from 
tool steel, with a socket drive on one end; you bash it on the other 
end with a hammer and the impact is translated into a torque. I had one 
for frozen nuts on my motorcycle back in my salad days.(No smart 
remarks from the peanut gallery!)

But I wouldn't use it on anything more delicate than a battleship...

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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