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Win XP and KCT / Instantrack

Will try this again. Even though I checked Plain Text in Outlook Express ver
6. It still sent it Mime. Have made the changes to text as recommended.

First off if this has been discussed before, I am sorry.  I just subscribed
after being off for a year or so.  I have a few questions about using Win
XP. I am fortunate enough to have another computer with Win 98 SE that I can
use for sat work.

I installed Win XP and overall it works fine except for Wisp,  Instantrack,
And Kansas City Tracker. Here is what I find that does not work.  ( I did
find 3 other programs that will not work.  I was able to update drivers on
one and am waiting for xp updates on another.)

Instantrack (My longtime favorite, now ver 1.5)
All screens, except the map screen, are full size on the width, but 1/2 size
vertical. I can live with this as I mostly use the map screen. It will not
run the Yaesu G-5400 rotor.  It reads 0 or stalled on both hor. and vert.

Program seems to work, but will not work the rotor.

I believe this is the culpert. I think it is Dos and have had it for about
10 years. I also tried a old KCT card that I used before I bought the KCT /

I guess what I am inquiring about is, are there others having the same
problems with Win XP/ Is there anything in the works to correct this? I
would really like to use the computer with XP, but can get along with the
other computer and the smaller screen.    Thanks in Advance.
Bert    N7TKO    Gold Bar, WA

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