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Re: G-5400 Mounting

At 10:29 PM 11/18/2001 -0800, Franklin Antonio wrote:
> By the way, that mast adapter is cast aluminum.  I've broken one by overtightening the screws.

The newer version of the mast adapter is improved in two ways. One, it now comes with a warning about overtightening! More to the point, it accommodates a fifth bolt that passes through both halves of the mast adapter and through the mast itself. This bolt prevents the adapter from turning on the mast, which is what we were trying to accomplish when we overtightened the other bolts (yes, I broke one too).

There's no reason why you can't use the same idea with an older adapter. Stick it on top of the mast, snug down the four bolts, and then drill a fifth hole through the whole mess and stick a bolt in there. Big improvement.

73  -Paul

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