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Re: G-5400 Mounting

Jim Jerzycke wrote:

> Hi, everybody. I just bought a G-5400 in almost new condition, but the
> previous owner had the two units separated, and the mounting bracket
> that connects them is missing. I was wondering how many of you have
> experience using these with the seaparation kit, and if you think it's
> caused any problems. I just don't like the way it looks, with the
> Elevation rotor hanging slightly off to the side when it's bolted to the
> mast. I'd rather get another mast adapter for the top end of the mast,
> bolt that to a newly fabricated bracket, and then bolt the Elevation
> rotor back into its bracket. The Azimuth rotor is going in a roof-top
> tower with a thrust bearing at the top, and I'm going to be putting up a
> KLM 435-40CX, and a KLM 2M-14C, on a fiberglass cross-boom. Yes, I'm
> planning on painting the boom! Thanks for the advice....I've never put
> up anything quite like this, and hints are appreciated.
> 73, Jim  KQ6EA

Jim, I used the elevation part of that rotor hanging off the side of the
mast for quite a while with the same antennas you are planning on with no
problems at all.  When I built the mobile satellite antenna array I used
last month on my mobile operation, I did the same thing - albeit with
smaller antennas.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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