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Re: G-5400 Mounting

At 07:47 PM 11/18/2001, Jim Jerzycke wrote:
>I was wondering how many of you have experience using these with the 
>seaparation kit, and if you think it's caused any problems. I just don't 
>like the way it looks, with the Elevation rotor hanging slightly off to 
>the side when it's bolted to the mast.

Works fine.  I've had one up for >10 years.

>  I'd rather get another mast adapter for the top end of the mast, bolt 
> that to a newly fabricated bracket, and then bolt the Elevation rotor 
> back into its bracket.

Would be harder to take down.  With the rotor bolted to the side of the 
mast, you can loosen the bolts and slide the thing down.  With your scheme 
you can't do this.  By the way, that mast adapter is cast aluminum.  I've 
broken one by overtightening the screws.

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