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Kenwood ts790A help with Sat feature

I no longer have my TS-790a so I was not sure if I could help but I have an

I don't remember if the satellite memories in the 790 could take a 4 digit
number or not.

Those memories numbers are found by adding the uplink and downlink

If you do this with AO 40 then you end up with 2836.990 for 2401 down and
435 uplink.

I was thinking  (not tested though) that if you have a 2400 downconverter
that dumps out at 144 then why not try this.

Add together the 144 converted frequency and the known uplink UHF frequency
and come out with a number like 580.99.

Then your display may work by displaying the uhf frequency on the sub
display and the 144 (converted from 2400) on the main display.

I think this will work but since I have upgraded from my TS-790 to a
TS-2000x I am working from memory (and it is going fast, ha, ha).

So my theory is not tested so there I have given you something to think

Perry WB8OTH  pyantis@compuserve.com

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