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Ao40 , negative 13cm RX attempt.


The past weekend I have tried to hear the AO40 for my first time.
Unfortunatly the only thing I've heared was the famous noise :-(

I tought the 13cm AO40 signal is very loud, but somehow for me it was like 
Mars signals haha. (I can not RX these signals ether)

I used an modified NORSAT 13cm-->2m convertor as downconvertor. The 2m is an 
FT726 with 12V DC via the coax to the downconvertor.
As antenna I have tried several self-made designs like dipole, double-quad 
with/without reflector, and 3 turn helix.
All radiators I have tested the VSWR and tuned at maximum effeciency.

All these radiators I tried without dish as the satellite was very close to 
the earth, what gave no result.
I also tried all the feeds with an 60cm dish, with also no result.

Then I stopped the experiment because it got to cold outside, and I will 
start again with the experiment after I know if this AO40 is really very 
loud and realy recievable with this NORSAT downconvertor without pre-amp. 
Maybe this NORSAT convertor is just to deaf to hear even an very little 
signal of Ao40 ?

Maybe someone can give me an idea what kind of antenna/RX equipment I need 
to get an low/medium class AO40 station ?
I also seen two kind of frequenties.  2401.300  and 2401.323
I guess the second is the freq. after launch... ?

Another reason could be that 13cm was turned of...
That would be just bad luck :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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