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On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Bill Hurlock wrote:

> Well I went out to see the Blinkn PCSAT go over but no luck.... right
> over head but no blinking lites to be seen. wonder if it ever got
> commanded on???

Yep, commanded on at 2135 EST as advertised, but attempts starting at 2141
to turn them off failed due to a connection time out...  Doing this from
the hood of my car in the middle of nowhere in below freezing weather, and
watching the sky with the other hand, we got caught be the 3 minute
connection time-out timer...

Fortunately the LEDs fail safe, once battery volts gets below 1.2 volts
per cell, the transistor bias can't keep them on.  SO either during the 5
minute on-time, or minutes later, they went off.

But doing this with binoculars is clearly not the way to go.  We need some
folks with time exposure photographs with fixed cameras to make detection
easier.  Next week is the optimum (and last chance for several months) for
a repeat of this test.

But it is not worth doing unless we konw someone will be set up with the
camera stuff...  COntact us....


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