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Re: Latest Uni_Trac Software and closure of site

Hi Dave,

> Due to one of the  members of this bbs making incorrect allegations of
> misrepresentation.
> a knee jerk reaction by  QSL.NET in concert with that person,
> and my penchant to respond to such fool .....ishess in a cryptic and blunt
> manner,  the access to  www.qsl.net/zl2amd/  was immediately discontinued.

This is very disturbing news. I can't imagine what allegations of
misrepresentation could ever be made against the UniTrac product. I read the
specs for UniTrac and it performs FLAWLESSLY here, and EXACTLY AS
ADVERTISED.  In fact, it worked (and continues to do so!) right 'out of the
box' from the moment I openned it. If false or incorrect allegations have
caused you to stop your great work on UniTrac, then the amateur community
has suffered a terrible loss. I am not aware of what the allegations were,
and I only speak from my own experience here. I am VERY pleased with
UniTrac, it is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT. I am sure many agree, as it came very
highly recommended by several prominent members of the AMSAT community.

> I gave the Uni_Trac project away some 12 month ago, and have or receive no
> monetary interest or return. I do however maintain my interest in
> and updating the software.

I am VERY happy to hear this!

> It is not my intention to seek or set up a similar site. I have however
> opened a home page http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/lamontd/ . The  home
page will
> always reflect the latest version of Uni_Trac but the page is unable to
> out FTP transfers of the updating software.

> You may get the software from me by sending a writeable CD and return
> postage to the address set out in the homepage.
> Maybe one or two of you out there might act as a clearing house of the
> updates on behalf of others?.

I would be willing to make all updates available via ftp from here for
anyone interested.

> I have made my contribution to amateur radio, you should thank the member
> above for his contribution!!!!!.

Whomever that may be "thanks for nothing" we don't need to chase away
valuable contributors like Dave from the hobby.

Paul Delaney
kb2shu.ampr.org []
AMSAT # 33558

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