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portable dish idea.

Hello Amsats,

Today I tried to make some portable dish.
I found some flexible aluminium material that is used with  isolating rooms 
to keep the warm temperature inside.
Unfortunatly I did not succeed to get an parabolic shape.

I seen the other designs of umbrella-dishes but they are still to large for 
me. Then I got another idea but I don't know 100% if it will work.
I have put on the original material again and lowered the angle of the legs 
to get an more parabolic effect.
To get an reflecting surface I got the idea to take some thin copper wire 
(used in relais coils) and stich it in the original umbrella material :-) 
The thing I am not sure of if this will work because it will be equal as an 
dish with "chicken wire", only the wires are not electricaly connected.

When I look it elektricaly then I would say the copper wires are longer than 
the wave length and have to reflect. But for some reason I am not 100% sure.

Maybe someone has already tested this idea or has the 100% answer for me...

73 de PE1RAH, William

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