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Sunday Morning Spectacular

Just a reminder to get up about 2AM Sunday morning for what promises to be
the experience of a lifetime.

I'm referring to the Leonid Meteor Shower. This is taken from one NASA Site:

Early in the morning on Sunday, November 18, the annual Leonid meteor shower
may put on one of its best shows in decades, according to various scientists
modeling the expected Leonid activity this year. The Leonid shower appears
every year around November 17-18 as the Earth intersects the orbit of comet
Tempel-Tuttle and runs into streams of dust shed by the comet. Best viewing
times this year are predicted to be the early morning hours of November 18,
with the peak activity expected around 5:00 am EST. The various models
predict a rate between 800 and 4,200 meteors per hour for this year, but no
one knows for sure, so grab a lawn chair, dress warmly, go find some dark
skies, and look up!

Experts agree: a meteor storm will erupt somewhere on Earth this weekend.
But where? when? and how big will it be?  Forecasts differ on these basic
points.  To discover which predictions are correct, a NASA-led team of
astronomers will spread around the globe to monitor the 2001 Leonid meteor

You can find more information about the Leonid shower at NASA's Leonid
and  http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2001/ast15nov_1.htm?list93595

and the Space Daily report at

and the Sky and Telescope site at

Good watching!  73 de Tom, W3IWI

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