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AO-40 "NUG" (New Useless Guy) questions


NUG to list's too, sooo

I apologize for wasting your time, and also thank you for all the
valuable information I've gleaned from the list over the past 3 months.
All I'm setting up at this time is a receive system (gotta hear them
before you can work them!)

The tracking program is NOVA and I have set up ALON 6 and ALAN 2, is
that the latest? Show's a squint of a 2.3 (Thanks to W6IHG I was able to
set it up!), AZ 102.8 and EL of 10.5 from Frederick, MD (FM19) at
151803Z Nov 01. The Keps are current.

The next question is the AZ and the visual display are not even close,
unless true north and mag north differ greater than I thought (3-5
degrees at this latitude).

I expect my DEMI converter to arrive tomorrow and was wondering if I
should expect to hear ANYTHING using a 36 turn RHCP helix. I did not
order the preamp (that's another story). All feedlines will be very
short. I later plan a 3 foot plus dish and patch feed.

One last question, where can I find what's turned on/off at the
different MA's. I have not been able to connect to AMSAT-DL at all.

I do have satcom experience, but not in 10 years or so. And they were
GEO's with 60 footers and parametric amps...

Jerry N9BQY
FM19 (Thurmont, MD)
email ski936@earthlink.net

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