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Re: AO-40, 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Test


When I'm copying the beacon, it sounds like a fairly strong
pulse that thumps the AGC and makes it impossible to copy
telemetry. My guess is that the phone is doing spread
spectrum and is covering quite a range of frequencies.

What I can do is take it up to Don, W4VQA's QTH this weekend
and look at it on the spectrum analyzer. I'll let you know
what we find.

Art N3OY
Don DeJarnette wrote:
> Thanks for the info, Art. All of my phones are 900 mHz. I wonder what is the
> transmit frequency of the 2.4 gHz phones?
> 73 de Don KC4YRT

Howard Long wrote:
> Hello Art
> What does it sound like? Is it a click?
> Very occasionally I get regular 0.5Hz clicks on 2.4GHz.
> 73 Howard G6LVB
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> I can tell you that a Siemens 2.4Ghz digital wireless phone
> I recently got, absolutely wipes out AO-40 reception for me.
> I have to unplug the base whenever I work AO-40.
> It shows up as a series of audio pulses -- about a 2 per
> second rate.
> Art, N3OY
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