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RE: Questions about TS-2000

Hello Frank

> I must admit there
> is a strong love or hate relationship with the owners of this rig.

I've used both the Kenwood and the Yaesu and whilst there are relatively
tiny niggly things and small feature differences about both radios, in my
mind the TS-2000 is the better radio: I still have both, but the I haven't
used the FT-847 for months... I'd say that's the acid test.

I can't explain why people have such strong feelings about the TS-2000. True
there's the annoying AO-27 birdie, but I think to myself 'how often did I
work AO-27 anyway'.

> 1) Was there ever a work around for the transverter problem of not putting
> out more then 5w when in this mode?

Nope. I don't know why this can't be fixed as it's a firmware bug to my

> can I use the HF receiver only input to
> feed my mode-s to 144 to 28 converter and get the transverter conversion
> freq outputted to the display?

Yes but the gain's way too high. Consider some attenuation in the 144MHz and
28MHz IFs. I do this all the time to save my down converters. I've lost
downconverters, but never by shooting RF up the wrong end (cross fingers).

> 2) I plan on using the rig for 9600/1200 pacsat. With an external TNC
> (dsp2232) and Uni-Trac, does any one run in auto mode with wisp. Does the
> acc socket feed its audio out for 9600 from the discrimator. I guess the
> point I am getting at is can you run both 9600 and 1200 pacsats with an
> external TNC with out changing anything in the radios software set up?

If your external TNC has two AF inputs and two AF outputs [1200 + 9600], or
you have two external TNC's, one for 1200 and one for 9600, YES. You run the
1200 through the Mic and speaker connections, and the 9600 thru the ACC2
with menu 50F set to 9600.

Assuming you're using the COM port to do the Doppler correction, I'm not
aware of any software which will also change menu 50F to auto-switch between
1200 and 9600 on the ACC2 port.

The FT-847 has a similar but not identical logistical problem in this

> 3) Is the built in TNC worth trying to use at all on the pacsats? Looks
> you can not operate the cat for radio tuning and the  built in tnc at the
> same time,  the unit only has one serial interface.

Although it'll run KISS, there's not enough buffer memory on any of the
Kenwood TNC's to do a reliable PACSAT implementation. Of course, as on the
D7 and D700 the single COM port works in only one mode at a time and you
can't get it to work unattended Doppler and TNC KISS simultaneously
[although a very clever program was developed to do this for UI frames on
SUNSAT and UO-22]. But then that's another can of worms and another project
of mine which went on the back burner a while ago.

> 4) is any one using this radio with uni_trac?Does it interface well, any
> problems

Other folks will have to comment on this.

73 Howard G6LVB

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