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Questions about TS-2000

    Awhile back I asked for some feedback on the  TS-2000 and the Yaesu FT-
847. Got lots of great replies and have read volumes on the subject. Well I
ordered the Kenwood and should have it for the week end. I must admit there
is a strong love or hate relationship with the owners of this rig. I guess I
will see.... I do however have a few questions to the owners of the TS-2000.
1) Was there ever a work around for the transverter problem of not putting
out more then 5w when in this mode? can I use the HF receiver only input to
feed my mode-s to 144 to 28 converter and get the transverter conversion of
freq outputted to the display?
2) I plan on using the rig for 9600/1200 pacsat. With an external TNC
(dsp2232) and Uni-Trac, does any one run in auto mode with wisp. Does the
acc socket feed its audio out for 9600 from the discrimator. I guess the
point I am getting at is can you run both 9600 and 1200 pacsats with an
external TNC with out changing anything in the radios software set up?
3) Is the built in TNC worth trying to use at all on the pacsats? Looks like
you can not operate the cat for radio tuning and the  built in tnc at the
same time,  the unit only has one serial interface.
4) is any one using this radio with uni_trac?Does it interface well, any

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