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Re: AO-40, 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Test

Hello Don,

Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 2:58:23 PM, you wrote:

DD> Thanks to all who responded to my request for information concerning the 2.4
DD> gHz 802.11 wireless Ethernet. I installed my Linksys Wireless Access Point
DD> (WAP) and several D-Link Wireless Network Interface Cards last night.

DD> I tested the system with AO-40. My receive setup consists of a SSB
DD> Downconverter and a Conifer 24 dBi mag grid. The WAP was set to the default
DD> of Channel 6. I aimed the antenna directly at the WAP (6 meters distant),
DD> swept the entire passband several times and could not detect ANY
DD> interference. I did create interference for the WAP with my UHF
DD> transmissions. Each transmission would "lock up" the WAP (located very close
DD> to my transmitter). I guess I will need to relocate it or turn it off when
DD> transmitting.

in the recent AMSAT-DL Journal is an article by DL6NDI who has
performed just this test as a task in his job. He was not only testing
wirelass Lan but also Bluetoth which operates also on 2.4 GHz. He
found out that the transmit power is rather low and so the signals are
covering only a small area in average of 50 meters. Blutooth even covers
less. Frequencies of WAP starts at 2.407 GHz center frequency. But
DL6DNI has not tried out to transmit and observing if WAP or bluetoth
are influenced.


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