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RE: Mic up/down via AO40Rcv additional

Douglas & Moe,
Thank you for the fast response.
The problem was me, not AO40Rcv. In my note I commented that the volt meters
monitoring the UP channel and DOWN channel were going nuts. Well, as I
finally figured out, you must watch how you set the "Step Size" on AO40Rcv's
Rig Control. Once I set the rig for 25hz increments, and set the software
for 30 -40hz all troubles went away. I was seeing an UP command which
stepped the receiver up past the up limit that the software wanted, thus the
software immediately sent a Down command and so on in a vicious circle.
The only issue left for me is the interface to the Yaesu FT-100D "Up-Down"
system which I'll use as a dedicated telemetry receiver. I have been unable
to find a print of the mic module within the Yaesu manual. It would appear
that I must get an additional set of wires up to the actual mic buttons
within the mic. (Great arrangement) With no clue how Yeasu has designed that
circuit, I think I will just use reed relay closures to bridge these
switches. The length of the up/down rig closure is also critical in that if
you hold down the up or down button to long you move the rig into the scan
mode. (Not Good). I suppose the print of the 2 NPN transistor driver will
drive a nice small reed relay. I'll be out of town running AO-40 portable 4
for two weeks so this project must wait.
Once hooked up I'll advise if I see anything that could use further
Thank you.
Gunther Meisse

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Dear Moe and Gunther,

In a message dated 01-11-10 16:04:38 EST, Gunther writes:

> Does anyone know who is looking after the code on this program?
>  Thanks
>  73
>  Gunther Meisse
>  W8GSM
Hi Gunther,

AO40Rcv is GPL'ed, so technically anyone can
make their own modifications to the program for their
own purposes.   Distributing your own changes is
a different matter.  Most GPL projects have a maintainer
so that all the users know what the "official" version is
and who to contact for bug reports/fixes.

I have talked to the original author (Moe) and he had
agreed to turn the project over to me some time ago.
I am working on improving the code for the "next" version,
but I have not yet released anything.  If you have some
working code for this, let's integrate it into the "next"

For what it's worth, AO40Rcv did have a feature
to only tune between blocks, but I think Moe took it
out for some reason...Moe?

Douglas KA2UPW
"Satellite/QRP/Mobile <---all at the same time!"

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