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AO-40, 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Test

Thanks to all who responded to my request for information concerning the 2.4
gHz 802.11 wireless Ethernet. I installed my Linksys Wireless Access Point
(WAP) and several D-Link Wireless Network Interface Cards last night.

I tested the system with AO-40. My receive setup consists of a SSB
Downconverter and a Conifer 24 dBi mag grid. The WAP was set to the default
of Channel 6. I aimed the antenna directly at the WAP (6 meters distant),
swept the entire passband several times and could not detect ANY
interference. I did create interference for the WAP with my UHF
transmissions. Each transmission would "lock up" the WAP (located very close
to my transmitter). I guess I will need to relocate it or turn it off when

73 de,

Don DeJarnette

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