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InstantTune 1.08 available now

Dear Friends,

This note announces the availability of Version 1.08
of InstantTune for InstantTrack.

InstantTune provides fully automatic, "transparent,"
Doppler-shift tuning of radios for satellite operation.

Version 1.08 adds support for several new radio types
(thanks to Howard, G6LVB and the Beta test team!)
and has an updated configuration file that includes
transponder information for all currently active satellites
including AO-40.

The radios supported in this release include the
Yaesu FT-847, FT-736, FT-100,and FT-817,
the Kenwood TS-2000, TS-790, and HF radios (TS-450/690 and later),
and "dumb" Mic-button UP/DOWN radios.

InstantTune is available on AMSAT's web site as an InstantTrack
accessory or via ftp at:

To install, copy the file "itune108.zip" to your InstantTrack
directory and pkunzip it. If you are upgrading from a previous
version and want to keep your old configuration file, rename
it from "itune.cfg" to "itune.bak" before unpacking the new
release. Then, you can change the name back, over-writing the
new config file. The included config file has an FT-847 on COM 1
as it's default radio configuration. To change it, edit the
"itune.cfg" file using an ASCII text editor. Directions
for simple configurations are included in the "tune.cfg" file.
For more complex configurations, see the included manual,

InstantTrack is both open source and free (as in "free beer!")

Tony - AA2TX

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