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Re: First QSO on AO-10

Andre wrote:

> Tonight I made my first QSO on AO-10 with F1TDO. It was
> great fun! As I am still building my station and don't
> have my X-yagi's ready yet (still building...) I just
> wanted to try if I could get on the bird with my current
> setup.
> I use a FT847, discone antenna for uplink and 6 element
> yagi (horizontal) for downlink. Uplink power is 50 W.
> I managed my first QSO on 2257 utc with 52 report. The
> range of AO-10 to my qth was 15.549 km at that time.
> It just shows it is possible to use AO-10 with minimal
> equipment :-)

Congrats Andre!
    Yes, AO-10 can be worked at times with a minimal station -
particularly when it's near perigee.  I have worked it with my long
X-yagis at about 50 milli-watts so no question that low ERP will do it
when conditions are right.

> AO-10 went into eclipse on 2327 utc and I heard my CW
> carrier die as the satellite entered the shadow of
> the earth. It sounded as if the batteries died (which
> was the case, ofcourse) as the tone became lower and
> lower and finally faded.

That is kind of funny to listen to.  I have heard it many times.

> I had great fun and can't wait till I finish my "real"
> antennas.
> Hope to work you on AO-10 soon.

I look forward to being able to talk to you on the old bird.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
626-302-8515    FAX  626-302-7501
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