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First QSO on AO-10

Hi All,

Tonight I made my first QSO on AO-10 with F1TDO. It was 
great fun! As I am still building my station and don't 
have my X-yagi's ready yet (still building...) I just 
wanted to try if I could get on the bird with my current 
I use a FT847, discone antenna for uplink and 6 element 
yagi (horizontal) for downlink. Uplink power is 50 W.
I managed my first QSO on 2257 utc with 52 report. The 
range of AO-10 to my qth was 15.549 km at that time.
It just shows it is possible to use AO-10 with minimal
equipment :-)

AO-10 went into eclipse on 2327 utc and I heard my CW
carrier die as the satellite entered the shadow of
the earth. It sounded as if the batteries died (which
was the case, ofcourse) as the tone became lower and
lower and finally faded.

I had great fun and can't wait till I finish my "real"

Hope to work you on AO-10 soon.

73, Andre.
PE1OIG, pe1oig@amsat.org, JO20WX

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