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Re: M2 Fiberglass Boom preparation

I wrote:

>  > In the marine industry, fiberglass ALWAYS gets treated or sealed, else
>  >water intrusion ruins it.

>  In a message dated 11/11/01 9:25:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
kf4sir@digitalhamradio.org writes:

>  Hi all, why not use the same thing you would use if it were a boat - 
>  Available in any color and completely compatible with the fiberglass.
>  Gelcoat is normally sprayed on but for something that does not require a 
>  nice finish just brush it on. Gelcoat is thick and one coat will do it.

Actually, gelcoat is probably not as thick as you think.  And at least during 
hull layup (building a new boat), the gelcoat is sprayed into the mold first. 
 Of course, when repairing an existing hull it is applied on the exterior 
after the repair is faired.  But my concern is that I don't think gelcoat 
will be durable enough to withstand the constant flexing of a crossboom.  
Especially if it's a long boom with Oscar class antennas, there's bound to be 
significant sag and tourqing.  I might consider taping the mast first with a 
quality PVC tape, then coating with a UV inhibited vinyl paint.

Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA
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