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Re: M2 Fiberglass Boom preparation

At 03:30 AM 11/11/01, you wrote:
>In a message dated 11/10/01 10:44:06 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>dave@bedfordweb.com writes:
> > I wouldn't recommend painting it.  Mine has held up well in the sun.
> >
> >  Dave
> >
> >  At 02:32 PM 11/11/2001 +1100, Norm and Cathy Beasley wrote:
> >
> >  >Dear Fellow Satellite Enthusiasts,
> >  >
> >  >I am in the process of setting up a satellite station, based around 
> the M2
> >  >VHF(22 elements)/UHF (42 elements) line of antennas. I am using the M2
> >  >Fiberglass boom and will turn the antennas with a Yaesu 5500 az/el rotor.
> >  >
> >  >My question pertains to the fiberglass boom. Do I need to paint it, or in
> >  >some other way treat it?
>What makes you come to this conclusion?  I have digested nearly 3 years of
>messages from this -BB, and every thread on this subject so far has
>recommended either taping, painting, sealing or wrapping these booms to
>prevent UV/IR degradation.  Am I missing something, or is a raw fiberglass
>boom more resistant to
>solar rays than other materials?   Anyone have any data from an untreated
>boom?  In the marine industry, fiberglass ALWAYS gets treated or sealed, else
>water intrusion ruins it.

Hi all, why not use the same thing you would use if it were a boat - gelcoat.

Available in any color and completely compatible with the fiberglass.

Gelcoat is normally sprayed on but for something that does not require a 
nice finish just brush it on. Gelcoat is thick and one coat will do it.

Hope this helps,


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>Kingston, WA
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Dale Coleman

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